Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom Talk in Real Estate: Behind the Math

A 2-bathroom house is one of the most common searches for home buyers in Kitsap County. But it can be frustrating to learn that the second bathroom in a house doesn’t have a shower or tub. So what’s behind the fractional bathroom math in real estate? Here’s what a 1.5 or 1.75 bathroom includes (hint: two halves don’t make a whole!).

What's in a bathroom?

It seems easy enough, right? But a lot of people don’t understand how bathrooms are calculated for real estate listings. So here are some real-life examples.

Bathroom Math Examples

Example A:

1.0 Full Bath — toilet, sink, shower head, & tub
.75 3/4 Bath — toilet, sink, & shower head
1.75 Total Bathrooms

Example B:

1.0 Full Bath — toilet, sink, shower head & tub
.75 3/4 Bath — toilet, sink, & shower head
.5 1/2 Bath — toilet & sink
2.25 Total Bathrooms

So even though the second example has three separate bathrooms, it will be listed as 2.25 baths.

What about super deluxe bathrooms?

Luxury bathrooms are like my high school GPA; you can’t get higher than a perfect score, even if you do the extra credit work. So a deluxe bathroom with a separate tub, shower, toilet, and a dual vanity (with two sinks) is still considered a full (1.0) bathroom. But in the marketing comments, you’ll often see a “5-piece bathroom” which simply means a separate tub and shower.

Help With the Hunt

When you have specific search criteria, like the number of bathrooms, tubs and sinks in a home, your agent can help you filter through the listings. Your agent can give you information about the bathroom elements and its location in the house, especially if the photos alone don’t make it clear. I often share videos, virtual tours, and even previous listing photos of a home to help buyers gain a better understanding of the layout and specifications.

If you’d like help finding the perfect home in Kitsap County, give me a call or shoot me a text at 360-979-6411. Let’s talk bathrooms!