95% of the time, nonprofit websites are leaking revenue (buckets of lost income from donations). But not for the reasons you might think…

Revenue Leaks

There are plenty of things we could blame: limited staff and budgets, an older donor base, lack of knowledge or technical skill, fragmented CRM databases and software platforms, organizational politics, and worse. I’ve been in those trenches and I know it’s not easy.

But here’s some good news! You can make one or two simple changes to maximize donations from your current website.

The Top 5 Ways You Can Increase Online Donations

Optimizing your website will take time and resources. But you have to start somewhere. Thankfully, the changes that can have the greatest impact aren’t very difficult or complicated, as the latest research from Nielsen Norman Group points out:

  1. Clearly explain what the organization does.
  2. Disclose how donations are used.
  3. Display third party endorsements.
  4. Provide a noticeable and clear link to donate.
  5. Streamline the donation process.

Keep reading for a more detailed explanation. But let me simplify these findings.

  1. Create donor-focused content.
  2. Make it easy to give.

I’m confident you can make at least one simple change to your existing website — no matter how great or awful it is — to improve the user experience for donors. Don’t wait for the next website re-design or major campaign push. Start now, and dedicate time each week for your team to address the critical needs of donors.

OK. Now Show Me Some Examples!

Earlier on the Masterworks blog, I shared examples of nonprofit charities and ministries that are doing a good job of meeting donors’ needs online. Visit my most recent post to learn how you can put these tips into action today.

See the examples  

Key Takeaway

Don’t stop optimizing your fundraising efforts across email, search, social, and display channels. But make it a priority to meet your donors’ biggest needs online, and all your digital channels will perform better.