That’s how long I have your attention.

Chartbeat analyzed 2,000,000,000 billion pageviews generated by 580,000 articles on 2,000 sites. They found that 55% of visitors spent fewer than 15 seconds on a page (source).

Most digital marketers will tell you to write short copy for the web, and cram your calls to action “above the fold.” But not me.

Chartbeat goes on to state that 66% of reader engagement is below the [digital] fold. That means people do read on the web — if you can keep them engaged for more than 15 seconds.

Hits and pageviews don’t mean much, isolated from other attention metrics. Are you writing for clicks and traffic (advertising model), or to engage your readers with valuable content? Attention metrics, such as time on page and page depth, will help you gauge how effective your content really is.